1.What is Aica delivery schedule?
3 to 5 working days deliver to your address, it can be sooner, but it depends on where do you live and how soon you want it to be delivered.
2.Can Aica deliver your order on appointment?
Yes, we can, you have an option to choose which date is your most convenient delivery date, but you must place your order at least two weeks before the date you want to receive.
3.When will Aica redeliver my order if the first attempt failed  and will it be charged?
It will be another 3 to 5working days and free of charge.
4.Is there a threshold spend on my order for free delivery?
No,there is no minimum spend for free delivery. But free delivery is not apply to remote areas including off shore areas and overseas,you can email us or give us a ring for delivery charge rate to your area or overseas.
5.Does Aica provide international delivery service?
Yes, we do, there is no standard international charge rate,so you need to contact us by email or give us a ring.
6.Will Aica charge for re delivery?
Most likely we don’t charge for re delivery,it depends on your situation.please contact us for your actual situation.
7.Can I cancel my order even when the delivery is just outside my door?
Yes, as long as you don’t put your signature on our delivery manifest, you can cancel your order at any time before signing your name for receiving confirmation.
8.Does Aica charge for return postage?
It depends on your return reasons, we charge for below most common reasons but not limit to:
(1).You ordered a wrong size or item
(2).You changed your mind and no longer want it
(3).Return address is different from the delivery address
9.Can i change my delivery address and will it be charge?
Yes,but you must inform us in advance before the delivery date and we may charge you for changing delivery address.
10.What should I do if my item is missing?
Every delivery has an image which is took by courier, we will check and confirm, once it is confirmed, we will resend it back to you for free.
11.Do not receive my order in 5working days,what should you do?
Please contact us by email/telephone or online chat, once confirmed, will send it out to you in a quickest time.
12.What if I am not available on the delivery date?
We can leave it to your neighbour or you can tell us to put it into a safe place of your house like back garden,garage......etc place.
13.Will Aica contact me to book delivery?  
Yes, we normally contact customer in advance to confirm your delivery and driver will contact you before 30 to 90minutes arrival.
14.Delivery is not successful,what should I do?
We will resend it out to you by the same procedure.
15.Does Aica provide next day delivery service?
Yes, we do, because it is free of charge, so we can’t promise all areas are next day delivery service available.
16.Can I change my order before delivery?
Yes, as long as it is not changed at the same date of delivery.
17.Can I come down to collect my order?
Yes, but you need to book a collection appointment before delivery date.


1.What is the return procedure?

Contact Aica in 30day-explain why you want to return-Confirm and accepted by Aica-let you know options of return(by yourself or by Aica courier)-you pick an option and let us know-
2.When can I return?
30days allowance from the day you signed
3.Can I get a refund from return?
Yes,but it must meet the standards below:
1)Must be in 30days
2)Original packaging and not use at all,resalable condition
3)It is faulty item or damaged by transit
4)Product is not match with description
4.Will Aica charge for collection from a new address?
5.Can I return by myself?
Yes,please book your appointment before setting off.When you are onsite, please follow our H&S management guidance.


1.What payment option does AICA provide?
AICA accepts credit card、PayPal、debit card...etc online payment methods or bank transfer, please contact us to get bank details
2.My payment has failed,what should I do?
Please make sure you enter the correct bank card details,most common situation is billing address is messed up with delivery address,billing address must be exactly the same as showing on your bank statement.
3.Payment release by my bank, but I didn’t receive my order confirmation?
There is an situation that you can see money has been deducted from your balance, but we don’t receive your money,in this situation you need to contact your bank to ask them to release the money to our bank,or if you don’t do anything, you won’t get your order and your money will be return to your account in 3to5days.
4.Why my payment declined?
Firstly Check the bank details that you enter including long card number/expiry date/security code/billing address, make sure they are all correct, if they are all correct then you need to contact your bank or tray again later.



1.Can I order an item that is out of stock?
Yes,normally our product restock is about two weeks,but you need to give us a call or email us to confirm.
2.Can I have some discount if I place a big order?
We have discounted for our products and if you want extra discount, you can set up a trade account with us or you can subscribe our website, we update regularly our sale information, you can see promotion information or stock clearance some time.
3.How to use discount code or coupon?
Add the items to cart and go to check out, you can use discount code or coupon by check out.