About AICA

Aica Bathrooms Limited

21 2nd Floor, Graham Street, Birmingham, B1 3JR

United Kingdom

Company No. 06992336

The AICA business starts originally from 2005 in Hamburg, Germany. The purpose of setting up this company is to provide customers with better value bathroom products; we aim to let our customer pay less to get better products and service.
The company moved to the UK in 2009 and set up our own logistic team; after our success in the UK, we quickly expanded to Euro mainland, now we have Germany/France/Italy/Spain/Netherlands companies, serving more than 600,000 customers annually in Euro and getting more than 99% of 5-star rating feedbacks. In 2019 the company escalated to another level, we have a site which is over 2.75acres with 100,000sqf warehouse, including Euro mainland we have over 400,000sqf premise. We have over 700staffs all over the world.

The inspired and unique bathroom design ideas are from European, design in European and manufactured in China, products include full range shower enclosures and shower stone trays, Led mirrors, bathroom vanities, thermostatic shower set, toilet and other bathroom essentials.in order to keep our service quality above and beyond, we control the whole production and sale procedure, when the goods in your hands, they are good as just left our manufactory in China.
To make you peace in mind while waiting for your expensive goods, we provide the safest and fastest transportation service for customers, once your payment cleared to our bank account you don’t need to worry a thing even you are not at home or suddenly go out for holidays, we, also, give you an option of choosing your best delivery date if you are not convenient. Just contact us, a dedicated team will help you to sort it out.
With our great product ideas and higher standard manufacturing, plus our professional sales service, we are confident to meet your bathroom expectation and giving you a comfort bathroom for your families.