700-1000mmx1850 hinge Chrome double shower doors,Corner entry Enclosures,Tray Optional



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hinge shower doors
  • shower enclosures Sizes(Optional):
    700x700x1850mm (Adjustment range:680-700/680-700mm).
    700x760x1850mm (Adjustment range:680-700/740-760mm).
    760x760x1850mm (Adjustment range:740-760/740-760mm).
    800x700x1850mm (Adjustment range:780-800/680-700mm).
    800x760x1850mm (Adjustment range:780-800/740-760mm).
    800x800x1850mm (Adjustment range:780-800/780-800mm).
    900x700x1850mm (Adjustment range:880-900/680-700mm).
    900x760x1850mm (Adjustment range:880-900/740-760mm).
    900x800x1850mm (Adjustment range:880-900/780-800mm).
    900x900x1850mm (Adjustment range:880-900/880-900mm).
    1000x700x1850mm (Adjustment range:980-1000/680-700mm).
    1000x760x1850mm (Adjustment range:980-1000/740-760mm).
    1000x800x1850mm (Adjustment range:980-1000/780-800mm).

    1000x900x1850mm (Adjustment range:980-1000/880-900mm).
    1000x1000x1850mm (Adjustment range:980-1000/980-1000mm).
  • Shower Stone tray is Optional.
  • 6mm safe clear glass,BS EN 12150 & CE certified.
  • high quality polished Chrome frame.
  • Easy-remove door allow the enclosure to be easily and quickly cleaned.
  • UNIVERSAL fitting - can be fitted to left or right hand,easy installation.
  • All screws are made of stainless steel ,resistant to rust.

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